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The Custom Order Process – Phase I and Phase II
There are two phases to ordering a custom designed piece of jewelry.

I make all my jewelry by hand, piece by piece. I use only construction techniques, no casting. They are all exclusive pieces.

1) Phase I starts with a discussion about the piece, its size, stones/colors and metals to be used.
2) Phase II is complete after you give your approval of the design – based on the model(s) / image(s) I send. Custom orders normally require two to six weeks after the design has been approved.

Phase I of the Custom Jewelry Order
The custom order process for a new jewelry design starts with your email. During this first phase I ask you to tell me something about the jewelry you want (the type, stones/colors, metal or anything else important to you, beloved, friends, family, … ). I will help you during the design phase by asking questions and making suggestions so the final design is what you have envisioned. This usually involves several emails to ensure I understand what you want your jewelry to look like. I will make sure we cover the stones, size, metals, finish, weight and an estimated price and delivery schedule.

Phase II of the Custom Jewelry Order
The second phase of the process begins after I have a clear understanding of your desires obtained from our email correspondence. In this phase, I create a design. When the design(s) are ready, I will send you an email with a link to a private page on my website so you can see pictures of the design(s) and approve it -or- request modifications.

Also please note that all my jewellery pieces are life warranty for all soldering and also, free cleaning service is offered at any time.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,
Thank you for your trust in my creativity,

Best regards,
Claudio Pino



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