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Montreal / Metro

– Montreal > Journal Métro, Jan. 9, article by Judith Lussier and photo by Daphné Câron.

Claudio Pino

Heritage Mystique © Claudio Pino

Héritage Mystique

Héritage Mystique © Claudio Pino | 950 Pt/ru platinum, diamonds.
Please inquire for availability and price contact.

Heritage Mystique © Claudio Pino

Toronto | Exhibition: Claudio PINO

Toronto, Summer, Jewellery, Claudio Pino

EXHIBITION: 10 One-of-Kind Rings by PINO
June 22 – August 28, 2012
Zilberschmuck Gallery. 910 Kingston Road.

2012 Collection © Claudio Pino


Pino Design Collections. Please inquire for availability and price contact

Pino Design Collections, Exclusive Rings, Claudio Pino

Ocean Bloom © Claudio Pino

Ocean Bloom

Ocean Bloom Collection © Claudio Pino | Little Finger Ring, 14k Gold, 925 Silver, Pearls, Ruby.
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Claudio Pino, Ocean Bloom Collection

Metamorphosis © Claudio Pino


Metamorphosis | Kinetic Ring Collection © Claudio Pino . 925 Silver, 14k Gold, Moonstone, Pearls, Turquoise, Phrenite, Amethyst. Please inquire for availability and price contact

Claudio Pino, Metamorphosis Ring

Vena Amoris

Vena Amoris Collection © Claudio Pino | 14k Gold, 925 Silver, Quartz, Pink Tourmaline.
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Claudio Pino, Vena Amoris Collection

Magnificence Stellaire © Claudio Pino

Magnificence Stellaire

The Kinetic Ring – MAGNIFICENCE STELLAIRE © Claudio Pino
14k gold, 925 silver, black opal, chrome diopsides, emerald, moonstones, pearls.
Please inquire for availability and price contact

The concept behind this kinetic ring, named Magnificence Stellaire, was inspired by the immensity of the starry sky in the farthest reaches of the northern hemisphere, a sky that unifies us. The central stone, a black opal, portrays the aurora borealis with colorful and turbulent wisps of air in the vibrant darkness of the night. The stone rotates 360 degrees in four directions (South, North, West, East), thanks to a carefully designed and complex mechanism. This system consists of various elements, including eight white freshwater pearls, which symbolize the lunar phases. On the sides of the ring, several golden drops shimmer tracing the magnificence of the Milky Way. It also features moonstones that epitomize the black holes of our universe. It represents not only the magnitude of the sky but also the importance of each different element in our system. A vast sky that unites us all despite the great distances that separate us.

* Selected Design. The Canadian Crafts Federation organized and executed the Canadian programming at the Canada Guest Pavilion during the Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2009 in South Korea and for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games exhibition at the MOV, Museum of Vancouver. Being recognized by one’s peers is extremely rewarding and provides the energy to keep pushing ideas forward. It was a great honor to have the ring selected for two such important events and to represent Canada internationally.

Claudio Pino - Magnificence Stellaire